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Public markets are a place where there’s life and there’s buzz. It’s a real social environment
where people want to be. Business, individual and foundation sponsorships help the Market grow
and reach more people than we can on our own, and provide positive benefits for our sponsors
affiliated with the Riverport Public Market.

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The Market will showcase a variety of cooking classes and events in the “your name here” Demonstration Kitchen. Classes will feature instructors ranging from our own vendors and local chefs to
nationally known cookbook authors.

Demonstration Kitchen Sponsor

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The Market will host at least 5 signature events per year.  Be the lead sponsor for each and every event.

Event Sponsor

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Be everyone’s favorite sponsor by helping us to provide 1 hour of free
parking to Market guests in the Riverport Parking Garage.

Free Parking Sponsor

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Food has become social content to be shared and traded. Centrally locally in the Market catch an up todate stream of the Market social media power by our hashtag, #(insert hashtag here) on the wall of screens.

Media Wall Sponsor

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Consumers are demanding healthier and better-tasting “quick casual” food options in entertaining environments. The Market will showcase a variety of entertainment on the “your name
here” Stage.  

Entertainment Sponsor

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Everyone wants to stay connected these days, be the one who helps them do it by providing free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations to guests of the Market.

Free Wi-Fi Wall Sponsor

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